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When it comes to choosing the ideal floor, most people are torn between polished concrete floors and epoxy floors. As much as both are intended as a “Once and Done” solution, their appearance and functionality are very different. As such, these options are often used exclusively in many specific environments. Most people, however, insist that when it comes down to the 2 choices, polished concrete floors are better than epoxy floors. Here is why:

Why are Polished Concrete Floors Better than Epoxy Floors?

1. They are Easy to Maintain

Unlike epoxy flooring types, keeping the gloss and beauty of a concrete polished floor is easy. Polished concrete floors are the easiest and least expensive type of flooring to clean, maintain, or repair. On the other hand, maintaining an epoxy floor is not an easy task. First, cleaning the floors limits cleaners to soft equipment only. This is because rough brushes can scratch the floor and ruin the epoxy coating. Secondly, the floors are hard to maintain in high traffic areas such as busy garages or factories. That said, most industries prefer to use polished concrete floors because they eliminate the need for intricate floor cleaning. As such, spills and stains are easy to clean, just wash and go!

2. They Are Less Costly to Install

Most people work within a budget for their construction projects. As such, choosing an affordable floor is a priority for many. The good thing with polished concrete floors is that they are cost-effective yet do not compromise on quality. They simply tend to be cheaper because their installation process is easy, and it consumes lesser materials. That way, you save on both labor and materials, lowering the flooring cost significantly.

When it comes to epoxy floors, things are not as rosy. This is because an extra layer of epoxy coating is needed to give them a complete finish. This increases the flooring costs significantly. To make matters worse, homeowners need to pay extra attention to the floors when cleaning and handling them. Otherwise, the maintenance cost will skyrocket because of numerous repairs and fillings

3. Excellent Floor Cleanliness

When choosing a flooring material for your home or business, one of the most important features to consider is cleanliness. Because spills and mishaps are so common in the industrial world, the floor chosen mustn’t hold onto stains. Therefore most companies and garage owners choose polished concrete floors.

Epoxy floors on the other hand do not always offer similar benefits. While they are not difficult to clean, epoxy floors cannot withstand the spill of some industrial chemicals. Some chemicals are so strong that they make the epoxy coating on floors fade or discolor. Therefore, even though epoxy floors do not hold on to the stain, the floors are left with irregular color shades.

4. Safer Option

Many people have suffered serious injuries after sliding and falling on the floor. This has made safety a top concern while selecting flooring types. Luckily, with polished concrete floors, the risk of falling and breaking a bone is minimal. This is because concrete comes with the option of installing a rougher floor texture in areas that are frequently wet, providing more grip on people’s feet.

When epoxy floors get wet, they become exceedingly slippery due to their non-porous nature. This is especially harmful if the epoxy is used in a location where little children or the elderly will be walking frequently. Even though epoxy floors can be modified to make them slip-proof, the modification comes at a significant cost. As a result, most people choose polished concrete floors instead because they are safe and affordable at the same time.

When Can Epoxy Floors Be a Better Choice?

Even though polished concrete floors have numerous benefits, this does not mean that epoxy floors are not good. People looking for decorated floors can always choose epoxy floors. This is because they offer flexibility in terms of color and design. Homeowners can therefore choose epoxy floors to blend their floors and décor themes.

The Final Verdict: Which Flooring Material is Better?

Both epoxy and polished concrete floors have their benefits. However, most times, it all comes down to practicality, budget, and functionality. While polished concrete certainly offers many attractive characteristics, sometimes special circumstances such as the quality of the concrete, or desired outcomes like color necessitate a type of epoxy floor covering. Either way, lifetim Polishd Concrete is ready to exceed your expectations with your flooring choice. Contact Lifetime Polished Concrete for professionalism, expertise, and affordability! Get a project estimate today.